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About Bowl & Bowl


Perfect Fried Rice, Every time.

Bowl & Bowl began as a quest to consistently create the perfect egg fried rice. Although we loved this hearty and delicious staple, we were frustrated by how it would turn out differently each time it was cooked. 


Fried rice is a deceptively simple dish — from portioning ingredients to when to add them, temperature control and even stir-frying technique for the must-have wok hei. Every element needs to be precisely timed and work together in harmony. 


Using smart cooking robots, we’ve found a way to blend all of these steps seamlessly into a perfectly delicious plate of fried rice, every time. And because we all have our preferences when it comes to fried rice, we’ve prepared a variety of toppings to customize your bowl however you like it. So whether you love the novelty of having our robot chefs cook for you, or you’re a fried rice lover just like us, visit Bowl & Bowl for reliable, delicious fried rice that’ll satisfy your cravings anytime.